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Cleaning Fabrics

This section should help you clean all kinds of fabric on all types of garment, furniture or feature.

We divide fabric cleaning into 4 basic types.



Suites & Settees


There are hints and step-by-step tutorials so choose the type of "Item" you want to clean by going to the more specific areas and you'll hopefully find out everything you need to know about cleaning that specific item. Follow the menu on the left to choose the type of cleaning you're looking into.

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Specials to Help You Look Great

Everyone can now save hours on their ironing by using the most useful single tool anyone can get - and at a great price.

Made by the same UK supplier as the Magpie Professional system this is just a slightly lighter weight system with an ironing tray specially designed to fit the DrClean iron - that even has wheels for easy storage.

Board dimensions: 1130mm X 430mm, Overall length including rest; 1450mm, Max. height 920mm (adjustable)

This is an old remedy for removing fuzz-balls, the nasty bobbles  that you often see on knitwear and other fabrics, and is the best and most effective cure that we've ever used. Dragged lightly over a bobbled area it cuts away the fuzz-balls. 

Simply roll off the loose balls with a Roll Clean and you'll have Fuzz-Free clothing. It lasts for years and be the best and simplest fuzz remover you've ever used.