Shirts on Hangers

Start by following these basic rules then follow the instructions in the links for this section that give step by step instructions.

Get all your equipment together 




Stain Treatments

Furniture Protection e.g. greaseproof paper - aluminium foil to protect furniture legs from water

Plan How You'll Approach the job

Fewest Stops You Can Make

Travel to the doorway

Route with the least lifting

Move all the furniture you can



Occasional Funiture

Look for Stains first

Where are they?

What are they?

What's needed to remove them?

Test the stain before going all in.

Check for Fibre Type and Colour Fastness on an unseen area

There's no going back once you've started

Include any stain treatments

Include any soaps

Finally - Treat the Stains the Clean the Carpet or Rug

If you've followed all the above steps this should be easy.