Shirts on Hangers

Remember, the care label is in your garments to help you clean them safely. One of the key parts of the care label is the fibres present in your garment. From that you can tell a lot as certain fibres are good for particular uses.

Sometimes you'll not know the fibre or fabric, that's generally because manufacturers often prefer to use thier own name for a fibre or fabric, trying to "Own" it like a brand. The most common example of this is the use of "Hoover" for Vacuum cleaner.

Fibres can generally be divided into 3 different types:

Natural - Man Made - Synthetic

These are represented on the 3 tabs below, by clicking on each you'll fine all the fibres in that classification and by clicking on any picture an example of what that fibre may look like in real life will pop out.

To see an example of the fibre in use just click on a picture and the example will appear below.