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Handling Disputes with Professional Cleaners

Have you ever thought that a professional should have done more than they have or that they have ruined your garment? Well here's where you can find cost effective help?

 Remember, nobody likes a dispute...... Not you or the person you're in dispute with and very few businesses like their reputation damaged by not dealing with a problem in the right way. All businesses at some point will have a dissatisfied customer even when they are legitimately trying their best. In fact, we would suggest that someone who resolves a dispute to your satisfaction is someone you should use as they have demonstrated their intention is to satisfy their customers.

Please Remember

Although you don't necessarily get what you pay for you can't pay £1.50 to clean a pair of trousers and reasonably expect tham to do £6.00 of work on them, nobody is aiming to make a loss - even though it's you. If you pay £5.00 for a suit to be cleaned it's unlikely to be cleaned very well because they just don't have much time to spend on your garment. In general, if a service is cheap you're paying for minimal cleaning and as long as you realise that there's no problem with using the service. However, if you pay for an Armani suit consider continuing to pay for Armani service if you want the same qualitywhen you get it cleaned.

So how are you going to achieve the best results if you believe something has gone wrong? Here are some basic rules that will help you to a successful conclusion to your dispute.

Don't Get Angry

Shouting simply sets up a conflict situation and solves nothing. Ask for the manager or the owner immediately you notice a problem and explain, calmly and dispassionately why you're complaining. Remember - your aim is to resolve the dispute in your favour not to get into an argument.


Once you've explained what you think has gone wrong listen to what the manager or owner has to say. A conversation is a two way communication - the manager may make very good sense and be explaining a way to resolve the dispute. Alternatively he may be agreeing with you that something has gone wrong and suggesting that some other cause (other than their negligence) is to blame. You can't just dismiss this out of hand...they may be right.

Think Before You Talk

Starting with "You've ruined my suit" may set the hackles up and put the other party on the defensive. Instead calm things down and asks for the other persons agreement that something has gone wrong, agree the nature of the problem and from there you can move forward productively.

Set Out Your Case Clearly

After you've listened, if you disagree then explain clearly and calmly what you believe to be the case. If the cleaner is offering to repair the damage you have to let them try. However, state clearly that you believe them to be at fault and that you are prepared to take the matter to court if necessary to solve the dispute. If the professional suggests that you both use an independent testing house to assess who is to blame for the problem accept the offer (even if you have to pay) whoever is at fault will have to cover the costs in getting the examination done, once fault is proven.

The Law Is On Your Side

If someone has been negligent and thereby damaged one of your possessions you are perfectly entitled to sue in the small claims court and reclaim an amount for damages plus the costs associated with a case (not including legal expenses). This includes the cost of any independent advice you have sought but you  shouldn't  need a lawyer as a small claims court will act as arbitrator and assess the facts of the case, coming to a logical conclusion. The costs are around £30 and court staff will be very helpful if you ask them any questions.

Specials to Help You Look Great

Developed exclusively to remove red food colourings, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains from carpet and fabrics. Effective with wet towel and hot iron method, as directed on the label

The application method varies depending on type of stain and type of fibre but always pre-test carpets or fabric on an inconspicuous area before use.

Apply RED RX directly to stain, or spray onto larger stains diluted at a rate of 1:1. Blot - do not rub - stain with a clean white towel or paper towels, and repeat until no further extraction is evident. For more stubborn stains, use the wet towel and hot iron method to extract treated stain. Place hot iron directly onto wet towel over stain for 10-20 seconds.


We're often asked by visitors to the site to find certain products used by professionals and to supply them through DrClean. Perhaps the most requested is anything that might clean an iron easily - and now we've found the perfect answer. Ez-Off is made in the USA and is designed for professionals to clean their commercial irons.

Here's how it's used;

  • To clean equipment squeeze a liberal amount of Ez-Off onto a heavy cotton cloth (an old terry towel works best).
  • While the equipment is HOT rub the soiled metal pressing or ironing surface with circular motions. After removing all the soil simply wipe with the clean end of the cloth.
  • If you want to keep equipment clean, slick and operating smoothly, clean with Ez-Off daily. This will ensure maximum speed with minimum interuptions.

A 20 meter length of stickiness that's sturdier and (for some reason) more effective than 3 or 5 meter lengths. It will last for ages and you simply tear off a section to expose a brand new section of stick.

Used by dry cleaners, clothing manufacturers and anyone regularly handling fabrics. Easy to use and in home use should last for years.