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Specials on DrClean

A 20 meter length of stickiness that's sturdier and (for some reason) more effective than 3 or 5 meter lengths. It will last for ages and you simply tear off a section to expose a brand new section of stick.

Used by dry cleaners, clothing manufacturers and anyone regularly handling fabrics. Easy to use and in home use should last for years.

The short straight handle is probably best if your use is mainly on clothing. With your hand close to the 20m's of stickiness it promotes the most control when removing lint or hair.

The angled handle is ideal for those removing hair mostly from furniture or where the surface to be rolled is in a fixed position not easily moved up to your hand or placed on a flat surface.

This is an old remedy for removing fuzz-balls, the nasty bobbles  that you often see on knitwear and other fabrics, and is the best and most effective cure that we've ever used. Dragged lightly over a bobbled area it cuts away the fuzz-balls. 

Simply roll off the loose balls with a Roll Clean and you'll have Fuzz-Free clothing. It lasts for years and be the best and simplest fuzz remover you've ever used.

When we source our own brand goods we aim to bring you the best, fully featured items we possibly can. That's doubly true of this amazingly useful suit cover.

The outer is water proof and closes using a double zipper, so once it's closed you have a splash proof, purpose built carrier to get your suits to your destination in perfect condition. You carry the cover using 2 comfortable webbing handles that have been securely machined in.

To make sure your shirts, ties or shoes arrive in best condition there's also a separate zipped compartment on the outside.