Shirts on Hangers

Remember, the care label is in your garments to help you clean them safely. Follow them and you should end up with good results and if things go wrong it will be someone else's fault. Ignore them and it's likely to be your fault if your clothes get ruined.

The order of the washing symbols have been formalised so that all countries should now follow the same order and anyone anywhere should be able to understand the system. Here is the order the symbols should now appear in:

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Machine Wash symbol

This symbol solely refers to machine washing. Previously the correct temperature for washing has been indicated by a number inside the tub (see right) but now there will be a series of dots that do the same job.

machine wash 30c
30 dot label
40 2 dot label
50 3 dot label
60 4 dot label
70 5 dot label
90 6 dot label
hand wash symbol
machine wash with care symbol
machine wash extra care symbol
machine wash symbol
Do not wash symbol