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Tip of the Week

I spilt red wine on my carpet...

w/e 29/12/21


....but it's OK because I put white wine on it.

We hear this a lot and when we do we always ask,  would you put red wine on a white wine stain?

In the holiday season it's always a problem - at least this year we aren't locked down (yet) - the release of a little merryment and joy is what we need. So we may have the odd wine spill on our carpets and funiture.

Many people think white wine is the opposite to red wine and therefore they must neutralise each other, but that's not quite true. White and red wine are effectively the same thing it's just that red wine is naturally coloured from the grape skins.

In reality and as always with stain treatment, cold water is the best and safest the first step in removing any stain. Simply add some using a spoon, dropper or bottle and then tamp it in and suck up as much liquid as possible using a wet-and-dry vacuum or very absorbent cloths.

After that add some Acetic Acid or white vinegar, again using a dropper or spoon, Tamp it well in and this should, in most cases, get rid of the stain.

It really isn't necessary to add more wine to the wine already on the carpet. In fact, if you spill white wine it's always a good idea to treat it immediately, even if you're not necessarily worried because it doesn't seem to have left a stain, due to the colour.

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Some Little Gems - You May Also Like

Unlike bleach or chlorine based cleaners it will not damage the wood fibres. Instead it naturally cleans the wood to remove the grey weather beaten look caused by exposure to the sun and rain.

Being natural Net-Trol is safe to use, requiring no specialist equipment or protective clothing and will not harm surrounding plants or shrubs.

A concentrated formula, Net-Trol offers exceptioonal value for money, as it may be used neat or diluted in ratios up to 1:4 with clean fresh water.

Net-Trol is ideal for decking, exterior furniture (including plastic), stone, concrete and GRP. Net-Trol will even remove rust stains.

Net-Trol is ideal for restoring the colour to faded & weathered garden furniture. Suitable to teak and other hardwoods, it restores the rich natural colour and prepares the wood for a penetrating wood finish.

We're often asked by visitors to the site to find certain products used by professionals and to supply them through DrClean. Perhaps the most requested is anything that might clean an iron easily - and now we've found the perfect answer. Ez-Off is made in the USA and is designed for professionals to clean their commercial irons.

Here's how it's used;

  • To clean equipment squeeze a liberal amount of Ez-Off onto a heavy cotton cloth (an old terry towel works best).
  • While the equipment is HOT rub the soiled metal pressing or ironing surface with circular motions. After removing all the soil simply wipe with the clean end of the cloth.
  • If you want to keep equipment clean, slick and operating smoothly, clean with Ez-Off daily. This will ensure maximum speed with minimum interuptions.