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How To Iron -

to Improve Quality and Speed

How you iron depends on the garment you're ironing and the fabric it's made of. Different clothes, bedding, curtains and tableware are different shapes and sizes so need to be ironed different ways. Each of these can be made of differing fabrics and each fabric might require different iron settings to be safe.

Unquestionably if you approach each type of garment using the same logical method every time item you'll get better and faster. In this section we'll help you become the best and most efficient ironer you can be.

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The Basics of Ironing

The Tools You May Need

Irons & Boards

Then to get help ironing almost anything you can use the menu to the left. To view the topics covered in each ironing example click on the "Topics" link or to get step-by-step instruction on ironing simply click on the "Page" link and you'll be taken to the page explaining exacly how to iron that garment (or bedding) type.

You'll also find YouTube videos to help you get best results on almost anything you may wish to iron. 

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USA Specials

Specials to Help You Iron Like a Pro.

Everyone can now save hours on their ironing by using the most useful single tool anyone can get - and at a great price.

Made by the same UK supplier as the Magpie Professional system this is just a slightly lighter weight system with an ironing tray specially designed to fit the DrClean iron - that even has wheels for easy storage.

Board dimensions: 1130mm X 430mm, Overall length including rest; 1450mm, Max. height 920mm (adjustable)

We're often asked by visitors to the site to find certain products used by professionals and to supply them through DrClean. Perhaps the most requested is anything that might clean an iron easily - and now we've found the perfect answer. Ez-Off is made in the USA and is designed for professionals to clean their commercial irons.

Here's how it's used;

  • To clean equipment squeeze a liberal amount of Ez-Off onto a heavy cotton cloth (an old terry towel works best).
  • While the equipment is HOT rub the soiled metal pressing or ironing surface with circular motions. After removing all the soil simply wipe with the clean end of the cloth.
  • If you want to keep equipment clean, slick and operating smoothly, clean with Ez-Off daily. This will ensure maximum speed with minimum interuptions.

The large capacity boilers provide continuous steam for up to 2 hours. All the boiler fittings are made of stainless steel and the outer body is coated with a plastic heat resistant outer coating. They also come with a trolley, teflon ironing shoe and silicon mat to place the iron on.

Features Include:

  • Boiler and fittings are made of stainless steel, the outer body is steel with special heatproof plastic coating.
  • Pressure switch and thermostat for safety of use.
  • Solenoid mounted outside boiler for easy adjustment of steam flow that can extend usage time and gives extra quality control.
  • 230 volt single thirteen amp plug
  • 2.5 bar working pressure
  • Overpressure safety release valve
  • low water level warning lightL
  • Lightweight heavy duty iron with cork handle that gives exceptional comfort
  • while in use
  • Detachable heat proof silicone iron rest
  • Teflon shoe for the iron that stops scorching and shining on dark items.

In addition the Entry level 1.5 ltr has: 

  • 1800 watt total operating power
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • 11.7 kg gross weight
  • 41 x 30 x 32 cm box size