The Tools for Stain Removing on Carpets & Settees

The minimum you need to have available when removing stains on carpets and suites is shown in the video below. We've listed the items further down this page too, together with an explanation of their usage.

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Hard Brush

Used to add water and "Tamp" (hit with the brushes bristles) a stain having less chance of damage.

Spray Bottles

To control the addition of water or stain remover. It can be sprayed wide or narrow, giving a more direct powerful spray or wide, giving broad coverage.

Scrubbing Brush

Used on heavily soiled areas to add water and soap, brushing it into the surface of the stained area.

Soft Brushes

To tamp lightly or remove sticky stains by "Brushing" them out. 

Medicine Dropper & Bottle

The most controlled method of adding stain removal mixtures is by using the bottle to add water to a reagent and then use the dropper to add one drop at a time.


This tool is used manipulate a stain to detach solid matter from the fibres. You can use a cuticle tool or the head of a spoon to do the same job.

Absorbent cloths

 You should  use cloths to remove liquid from the carpet if you do not have a wet and dry vacuum.