Stains on Carpets

Mistakes on carpets can be very costly so please be sure and test a portion of anything you are about to treat.  Water treatment should be safe, as carpets or rugs that run with just water will be unsafe even to walk on with wet shoes.  However, you should still test if there are vivid colours or special materials.

The major problem in treating and cleaning carpets is in removing any liquid you have to put on it, which is especially true when dealing with a stain. If you have no method of removing the liquid you simply spread the stain over a larger area, diluting it and potentially causing damage.

With stain removal you should start by getting together the tools you may need to do a successful job. Begin by looking at the spotting kits and get together as much as you can, most should be available around the home. Using a wet and dry vacuum will always be best but if you can't get one make sure you have absorbent cloths (paper towel will do) to wick up as much liquid as possible.

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However, it's always good to remember our mantra....

If In Doubt - DON'T !

Carpet Cleaning