Stains - The Basics

If you don't treat a stain before you wash a garment it may set and become very difficult to remove. So one of the first decisions you have to make is whether to treat something yourself or leave it to the professional cleaner. If a garment is delicate and you'd normally never consider washing it then why try to treat it yourself, you're likely to be nervous and tentative, especially if it's a favorite item. It's probably best to begin by practicing on items your happy with and graduate to more difficult clothes after some practice.

Also before you try any of what you think may be "Aunties Old Remedies" stop and think. People often say things like "I've spilt red wine on this but it's OK because I've put white wine on it". Well, would you put red wine on a white wine stain? The answer is invariably "No" and if red wine isn't any good in getting out white wine why should white wine be any good at getting out red? It's best to follow a set pattern for stain removal and the we show will help you get most stains off of clothes

Remember - If In Doubt - DON'T !

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So once you've decided to try to get out a stain what should your next move be? Firstly, have the tools you need for the job ready before starting. It's no use finding out  that you can't continue because you haven't got enough absorbent cloths to get off what you've already put on or that you haven't got a treatment you need for your specific stain. Next, practice, you'll do a lot better once your used to the techniques you're about to use.  If you didn't see how the stain appeared take an educated guess about what it might be, our stain suggestion chart will might be helpful here. Consider the fabric you're about to treat and how the garment has been made, whether there is an interlining or if it has vivid colours that might run into each other. Above all if you have a gut feeling about something trust that feeling and remember.