Wax Stain

Wax is the type of stain easily removed in dry cleaning because it is dissolved by solvents. To achieve success yourself therefore requires the use of solvents but because you can't soak the whole garment then flush away and re-apply you're going to have to work at the stain to make it degenerate. If your garment is delicate you may therefore prefer to send it to the cleaners as you may cause some damage when working the stain.
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Techniques Identifying Stains
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Wax sticks solidly to and surrounds the fibres so it easily migrates to the inside of the cloth from the outside. Here we have used red candle wax to create a pretty nasty stain on a cotton t-shirt.

First step is to break up the excess wax on the surface. Use the reverse end of a spoon to dig at the wax and break it up without digging at the fibre itself. The aim is just to break up the wax so that the solvent has less work to do but if you're concerned about damaging the garment then move to stage 2 and you'll simply have to add more solvent and take a little more time to achieve the same result.

You should be able to see , from the picture on the left, that there is a residue of wax scraped from the area, which is all we hoped to achieve. Now we're ready to add the white spirit, which you see being applied with a dropper in the picture on the right.

Now use your spoon to work the solvent into the stain by scraping from one end of the stain to the other as you see here. Only go in one direction and add more spirit if needed.

Remember that you're actually working both sides at the same time, even though you have only worked on the face of the material. Check underneath for displaced wax on the cloth and on the protective plastic cover and pad this away using a lint free cloth. 

The  next action is to pad the top of the cloth, which is done by using a lint free cloth to dab the stain and wipe it away in one direction. Add more white spirit and keep repeating this until little or none of the stain is left. 
Once you've done this for a while the stain should clear and no wax residue should be left. Remember the underneath of the cloth though, you could be pushing down on removed wax so lift the material and wipe underneath regularly.

Leave the white Spirit to evaporate and there should be no residue left. Alternatively wash the garment in the normal way.

If the wax has left a colour residue work at it with methylated spirit and pad away the colour. Flush through with water and use Hydrogen peroxide to bleach any remaining colour.

Blood Stains

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