Wine Stain

Wine stains are quite difficult to get rid of because of the colouring in the liquid but perseverance and good technique will help you succeed. Here is a typical red wine stain but it's not on a typical fibre. The knitwear is a thick cotton knit which often proves very difficult to remove a liquid stain from because the yarn is loose and easily damaged if you work on it too strongly
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Techniques Identifying Stains
Tea Stain Mayonnaise Chocolate Stain Wine Stain Blood Stain Biro Stain Wax Stain
Red wine stains often splatter like this one has so search for other splatters apart from the main one. Here you can see at least five. It will not be a surface stain as all the liquid will normally sink into the fibres.

Always start with the simplest possible solution. In this case it's flushing through with water from a sprayer held close to the fabric. Soak the area with absorbent cloths underneath. Don't be concerned if the stain turns blue as it has done in this case, it's a reaction that often occurs with wine stains.

Dry off the stain with an extra absorbent cloth or some kitchen towel. Now treat the stain with a solution of acetic acid (25% solution) or malt vinegar (neat) applied with a dropper. You may be able to se here that the stain is immediately turning red again.

After applying a few drops of the solution leave for two minutes and then flush through with water, like you did in the first step and dry with your absorbent cloth again. If you think you have seen an improvement but the stain is still there repeat the acid process again. Do this again until you see no improvement from this treatment. At this point there should only be colouring left so we turn to a bleaching solution to get it out.

Here we apply Hydrogen Peroxide with our dropper again so that the application is controlled. Leave the peroxide to dry and if necessary repeat the process. After you see a reaction flush through with water or wash as per the instructions on the garment.

The wine stain should be gone but you can repeat the process if necessary.

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

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