Chocolate Stain

With chocolate stains professionals would normally firstly take a steam gun to loosen and flush away the stain but even if you haven't got a steam gun you should be able to remove the stain completely.
This is a typical example of a chocolate stain on a child's t-shirt. In fact, children of all ages tend to drop chocolate on themselves, youngsters with sticky fingers rubbed on the garment to clean them and older ages often drop small pieces in between their legs accidentally which then melt and stick.
Techniques Identifying Stains
Tea Stain Mayonnaise Chocolate Stain Wine Stain Blood Stain Biro Stain Wax Stain
Chocolate is a very sticky stain that attaches quite strongly to fibres. Begin by brushing off as much of the surface of the stain as you can.  Brush firmly in one direction so you don't get a scrubbing action which could damage the fibres.
Once you've brushed off the particles that come off easily, we're ready to use reagents. In this case mix around 10 drops of Glycerin and Washing -up liquid with some water.

Apply the mixture, which should be thicker than water but run easily, with a medicine dropper. Make sure you put drops all over the stained area.

Tamp the stain with your soft or hard brush by raising it and letting it fall under it's own weight. As you do this all over the stained area you should see the marking slowly disappear. Add more of your mixture if the area looks dry and keep tamping until there's little of the stain left.
Place absorbent cloths underneath and spray through the fabric as hard as you can. This should visibly flush out most of the stain. Dry the area using your extra absorbent cloth. You should see very little of the stain, if it is still very noticeable add more mixture and tamp again.
The stain should mostly have disappeared as you see here. The next step is to wash the garment in the normal way.
Helpful Hints for Techniques on Stains & Cleaning

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