Mayonnaise Stain

Mayonnaise has oily fat and eggs in it so treatment for this type of stain forms the basis for many others. Traditionally Amyl acetate or methylated spirit act well on removing oily (fatty) residue but often the treatment below removes the stain completely, leaving solvents to just cope with any residue.
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Tamping a Stain
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Techniques Identifying Stains
Tea Stain Mayonnaise Chocolate Stain Wine Stain Blood Stain Biro Stain Wax Stain

This stain is fresh and has only had the surface mopped up with a kitchen towel. It's very important at this stage not to rub the stain hard with the cloth as this will only spread the stain and is likely to push it into the fibres of the garment. 

Instead, surround it with a cloth and pinch inwards from the edges. This won't damage the fibre as it's difficult to add too much pressure using this method.

The stain  should now have been reduced to a greasy stain, as shown here.

Use Glycerin (available from any pharmacy) mixed with washing up liquid and water. Take any small bowl, add a small amount of washing up liquid and the same amount of glycerin (which is quite a thick liquid). Add 5 times that amount of water and make sure the reagents mix evenly.

Apply the mixture with a dropper thoroughly covering the stain and then tamp the liquid into the area by raising a soft brush and letting it fall under it's own weight, for around 2 minutes.

Spray water through the stain from close to the fabric. Make sure you have an absorbent cloth underneath and spray as strongly as you can "through" the material.


When you believe all the reagent has been flushed away dry the area with your extra absorbent cloth. If you then see a residue of the stain flush again with water and then dry

You should have completely removed the stain but if any residue remains get some amyl acetate on a cloth (nail varnish remover will do) and add this to the area, letting it evaporate away.

Do not use amyl acetate on acetate fabrics (which is the mixture we have here). Instead use methylated spirit.

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

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