Click above to see a tutorial ironing a fine wool jacket


When ironing sleeves you may need to be resourceful, in finding every-day items that can fit and do the job.
Sleeves are a problem to the ironer because of their shape and the fact that you have two layers of fabric and, most often, two layers of lining too. Sleeve boards are only part of the answer as they are usually only short boards that are awkward to get a jacket sleeve around. Follow the tips below for an easy way to iron a sleeve without using any special equipment.

Lay the sleeve down on the board making sure it's flat and that the lining is smooth as well. It's a good idea to hold the jacket up by the shoulder placing as much of the sleeve on the board as you can. The buttons and flap (or seam) to the rear of the sleeve should form the rear edge of the sleeve exactly.
Iron the center of the sleeve only, coming close to but never going over the edge. We do not want a crease on either edge.

Remember to place a damp cloth over the sleeve (we haven't just for show).

You now need to iron the front and rear edges of the sleeve and it's time to improvise. Take something round or oval that can fit in the sleeve, here we've taken a Pringles tube but you may want to use a rolling pin or even a snooker cue.
Cover the tube with a cloth or around three layers of kitchen towel place it in the sleeve in position and iron away. If there are creases in the shoulder area use this tool there as well and if it is too large simply find something that will fit and you can keep in position. We have even ironed on the handle of a brush before now because it was the only thing that would fit.

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