Click above to see a tutorial ironing a Woll Womens Jacket

Jacket Bodies & Lining

Jackets should be treated with care. They are often made of materials that don't take kindly to the heat from an iron. Professionals would often use a teflon shoe to protect the fabric but would also apply very little pressure when ironing from the outside. Keep this in mind if you attempt a jacket - the principle of less heat more steam is a good one.

Begin by straightening all the pocket linings on the garment. Put your hand inside and stretch the lining, then grab a corner of the pocket lining from the outside, which makes sure you don't drag the lining out of position as you remove your hand.

Even though you're doing the lining it makes sense to start with the lapel on the right side of the jacket. Place it flat on the board with only about 2/3 of that side on the board. Use your hands to smooth the fabric inwards from the edge, moving your hand sideways, and watch the reaction you get from the cloth. If it rolls in front of your hand note where it is forced under as this will cause a crease if you iron beyond that point. Your aim will be to stop the iron before you do that.

Place a cloth over the area you're going to iron and dampen it.

Start ironing from the edge and work inward, remembering to stop where the lining starts, or where you noted the fabric would crease. Go in the direction of the arrow.
Move the jacket further on to the board so that the arm hole is at the edge and the seam runs down the edge too. Smooth the cloth with your hands and make certain there are no wrinkles underneath.

Dampen the lining slightly and iron straight up from the bottom, missing any buttons on both sides of the cloth.
Move the jacket so that the portion under the arm hole is central to the board.

Straighten any vent so that it sits as it would when worn and smooth out the whole underarm area.

Again dampen slightly, iron from bottom to top in one easy movement. Take the iron straight back down again and off the fabric. This movement is the one you should always use when ironing any part of the lining, unless you are negotiating a button or a pocket.

Move the jacket round to do the first section of the back then move once more to position the center of the jacket over the center of the board. Most jackets have an expansion flap in the middle of the back. This is just a pleat so grab the top and bottom of the jacket and pull. It should flatten nicely but if not slide your hand inside the fold and then pull again. Dampen and place the iron at the bottom of the jacket below the pleat. Pull the other end of the pleat and iron in one swift movement from bottom to top, you shouldn't reverse the iron movement.

This takes you to the half way point in the jacket lining. To complete the rest simply follow the instructions in reverse.

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