Wedding Dress Cleaning
You can use our price calculator to get an idea of how much a specialist cleaner might charge to clean your wedding dress. Using UPS to collect and deliver costs in the region of £90 so you can get a very close approximate cost by deducting £90 from our the price.
Our aim is to deliver a complete service, so that once you've ordered online you have nothing more to worry about.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Pick up from your home or office.
  • Full inspection by DrClean to note stains, problems and special instructions.
  • We email or telephone you to discuss any detail we believe may be important.
  • We choose the appropriate cleaner for the type of dress and tell the cleaner exactly how we want the dress cleaned and finished.
  • We agree a time scale is set for the cleaning and finishing.
  • We liase with the cleaner on the progress and inspect the final result.
  • Your dress is packaged either in a hanging cover or in a hand made wedding box.
  • The dress is delivered back to your in the best possible condition.
The next step though is to find out exactly how much the service is going to cost. To do that, just click the picture of the dress that's the closest style to your own and we'll narrow it down.
Medieval Classic Modern Sequined or Gilded
Marrie Antionette
Hooped or With Underskirts/Netting
Edwardian or Lace Twin Set 
(Dress and Coat or Jacket)

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

Stain Treatments
for Tea, Wine, Glue Rust + Many More
Odour Treatments
get rid of nasty smells while you sanitise & clean
Professional Clothes Care Kit
Including Stain Removal with Full Instruction Booklet
Grooming Kit
Get rid of bobbles, hair & lint - a must for all pet owners
Stain Guarding
Spray on - Dry & it's Ready to Protect Your Carpets & Suites 
Hangers that Expand to fit your Clothes Perfectly
Stain Removal Kit
Removes Blood, Egg, Coke, Wine, Beer & more...
Leather Cleaning
Professional Kit to Clean & Condition Your Leather

Wedding Dress, 
Ball Gown and 
Suit Covers 

All guaranteed easy to carry