Twin Set Dresses

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Twin sets consist of a dress and jacket or dress and coat combination. As such they will almost always be fairly tight fitting dresses with the style normally either being classic or Antoinette (without underskirts). Some Edwardian styled dresses also have a jacket and by the nature of this style would usually be more ornate than either of the other styles. 
Sleeves will be both long, on the jacket,  and short, on the dress,  and dresses are likely to have detailing around the waist, the neckline (like that shown on the dress on the left) and on  the sleeves. The dress is also often embroidered, so when the jacket is removed it still retains fine detailing.
Together with classic dresses they are also likely to have added silk roses and other adornments. Because of the double layer of coat and dress they are also sometimes have a double train.
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The basic price for cleaning this type of dress is £195.00 (including collection and delivery). All other special features add a small amount to the price.

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Twin Set
Twin Set
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