Sequined or Gilded Dresses

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Fancy appliqué's, beaded or sequined dresses, like the one on the left, cause very specific problems for cleaners. The beads may melt in the solvent or through heat and any gilded portions may loose the basic colour on the gilding or even some of the surface covering. Often not all beads are affected in the same way and the surface of a bead may be safe while the center may disintegrate, so you have to test all the types of bead on a dress for any adverse reaction.
Sequins and beading are normally attached using a basic stitch to lock each bead in place. Sections can be stitched together, especially in hand made dresses, and all the beads in that section will be likely to come away if the thread of any single bead is broken. This clearly causes a major concern to the cleaner, especially with very heavily beaded dresses. During wear beads are often dislodged through simple movements like sitting down or getting into a car, breaking this thread, with the wearer completely unaware it's happened. In cleaning the movement of the dress can easily dislodge beads that were thought to be safe because such a break went unnoticed. 
Beaded dresses come in many styles but the heaviest beading is normally on classic styled dresses. Having said this, even a small amount of beading make some processes dangerous for the whole dress, which is why we have indicated the requirement to know the style of the dress below. Antoinette styled dresses often have beaded tops or beaded sections on the skirt.
Please select the options below that most represent your own dress and from that we'll build the correct price for cleaning and you'll then be able to start the process and order a pick up if you wish.
The basic price for cleaning this type of dress is £235.00 (including collection and delivery). All other special features add a small amount to the price.

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