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Edwardian styled dresses are generally figure hugging at the top but are very detailed in their workmanship.
They can be long or short sleeved , such as in the lace example left. However, all will gathered waists, bustles or big bow features and layered skirts. 
They are often full of folds or partial pleats and may have a lot of embroidery or lace which must be stretched back into place after cleaning. 
Select the options that most represent your own dress and from that we'll build the correct price for cleaning and you'll then be able to start the process and order online if you wish.
The basic price for cleaning an Edwardian dress is £195.00 (including collection and delivery). All other special features add a small amount to the price.

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Ruched Sleeves
and High Neck
Straps,  Long Train
& Layered
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