Tools for Cleaning Sofas

The tools needed to clean sofas are similar to those we use to clean stains on carpets and here we list both the ideal and say what you can get away with as a basic set of tools.

Complete Kit for Cleaning Sofas



Vacuum With Hand Tool Extracting the liquid you put on to get rid of the stain is the most important part of the stain removers job.
Bucket Warm water is the basis of your treatment it is used to flush through the stain. Keep it in a bucket and you won't spill it.
Hard Brushes These are use to apply water and "Tamp" the stain. Tamping is hitting the stain with the bristles of a brush, as opposed to scrubbing it, and does less damage to the fibres.
Dropper and Bottle This is used to apply only one drop of stain treatment at a time to the stained area. You want to apply the minimum liquid that will successfully do the job, not flood the carpet.
Sprayer Bottle Where a medicine dropper would apply too little liquid to too small an area this can be used either to spray a wide area or strongly spray a small area.
Washing up Liquid Mixed as 25% liquid 75% water this is very good at removing grease. Apply by dropper tamp in and then add water, followed by vacuum or mopping forms of extraction
Malt Vinegar This is very good at removing stains with tannin in them, such as wine, coffee, tea, fruit juices and coke. Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water and apply with a dropper. Tamp in, add water then remove.
Household Ammonia DANGER: although ammonia is good at removing some stains it can react badly with wool to produce a yellow stain or even melt it in strong enough solutions. Test before use and have malt vinegar or acetic acid ready to add to stain if a reaction occurs as these will neutralise the effect.
Washing Detergent Greatly diluted these are very good fabric cleaners. Mostly useful for heavily soiled areas and should be removed as far as possible from the carpet.
Generic Carpet Cleaners and Spotters These are specifically made for carpets and therefore should be safe reagents to use. They generally produce low foam which makes them easier to remove once applied. Follow the instructions on the packaging, each may require a different procedure.

you can find out where to get the spotting reagents in the stains section under stain removers

The most important tool is the hand tool used to clean all parts of a sofa.

Most hand tools on carpet and suite cleaners or even vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning facilities work in similar ways. A suction vacuum head is positioned directly in front of a sprayer which dispenses the cleaning fluid. The vacuum head is connected just like a vacuum cleaner to the main machine and the liquid is supplied through a feed to the liquid normally held on or in the main machine. The final technical bit is a handle used to regulate the delivery of the cleaning fluid so it doesn't go all the time.
As you depress the handle liquid is sprayed behind the vacuum head and onto the sofa. By moving the hand tool backwards you then suck up the liquid and hopefully most the dirt with it. If the sofa is particularly grimy you may have to repeat the process a few times or even treat the fabric to get the best results. Try not to let the liquid completely run out as this can either suck dirt into the pipes making it hard to deliver the liquid or may create air bubbles both of which will waste your time repairing the machine.
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