Suite & Settee Cleaning
Always remember that you have options when cleaning anything and weigh up how you want to proceed based on these options, But above all remember our old maxim .....
"If in doubt........Don't"
Suites take a hammering during use so the materials used they have to be fairly hardy. Some method of cleaning suites has to be used as they get so much use and abuse. 
Ironing suites can be difficult after they have been washed, as they are likely to crease most during washing and drying and covers are an unusual shape. Although they can and should be ironed, it's not something you really want to do without a steamer or professional ironing equipment. 
Consequently, if you need ironed suite covers then it may be best to consider a professional solution, either in house or through a dry cleaner. 
With the right tools you should be able to do a good job at home by following the right procedures.
Here's a table that should help in taking your decision of how to clean a suite.

Deciding How to Clean Suites

Is the material Washable ?
Yes  Safe to wash.
No Don't even consider washing.
Has the fabric a surface print ?
Yes Washing may change colour.
No Does not affect your decision.
Could you accept any shrinkage ?
Yes OK to wash.
No Do not wash, most likely to shrink.
Are all Covers Removable ?
Yes Only Wash all covers together.
No Unsafe to wash only part of a suite.
Dry Cleaning
Is it Dry Cleanable ?
Yes  Dry cleaning is safe option.
No Don't Dry Clean.
Has the fabric a surface print ?
Yes Dry cleaning with care, test section first.
No Does not affect your decision.
Could you accept any shrinkage at all ?
Yes Dry cleaning gives least shrinkage.
No Do not clean by any immersion method.
Are all Covers Removable ?
Yes Dry cleaning should be safe.
No Cleaning part may change colour.
Wet Cleaning at Home
Is the Material Washable ?
Yes OK to clean using wet process machine.
No OK but check unseen portion first.
Has the fabric a surface print ?
Yes Test surface before proceeding.
No OK to wet clean at home.
Could you accept any shrinkage at all ?
Yes Doesn't affect your decision.
No Best method to choose.
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