This section should help you clean all kinds of fabric on all types of garment or furniture. We have hints and step-by-step instructions so choose the type of "Thing" you want to clean or go to more specific areas and find out everything about cleaning that specific item.

The above selections take you to an overall view of the topic while those below take you to more specific and detailed descriptions.

Bobble Removers
The best bobble remover you can buy
Leather Cleaners to Clean & Condition All Your Leather

Buy 1 get another half price on Scotch Guard

water repellant spray -  to protect all your Suites, Raincoats, Shoes, Bags & Carpets
Paint & Rust Treatments
You add them to ordinary paint
Machine Spares
Puzzi 100
Carpet Minder
Grooming Kit 
Gets rid of those nasty bobbles
Fluff, Lint & Hair too
Odour Treatments
for nasty smells while you sanitise & clean
Irons, Boards & Steamers for shop & home use
Stain Treatments
for Tea, Wine, Glue Rust + Many More
Stain Removal Kit
Blood, Egg, Coke, Wine, Beer and more.....
Stain Guard - Spray on - Leave to Dry & it's Ready to Protect Your Carpets, Suites - Even Raincoats. 

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

All Natural Moth Repellants
A Hanger that Expands to fit your Clothes
Wedding Dress, 
Ball Gown and Suit Covers


Suites & Curtains

Carpets & Rugs