Walkways Often need extra treatment because of the traffic traveling through the area. Try the following techniques to ease away the extra soiling that accumulates.

Use a generic spray spotter for heavily soiled areas or make your own spray by mixing a small amount of low foaming carpet detergent in water. Spray the mixture evenly over the whole area. Use a simple hand-held sprayer bottle if you have just a small area or a pump sprayer to cover larger areas.
Now lightly scrub in the liquid into the surface of the carpet, either with a scrubbing brush or a long handled broom. 

For safety a broom can save your back from potential problems.

Although we want to use a hard brush we don't want the scrubbing to be hard. Effectively all you want to do is ensure the mixture reaches and penetrates all the dirt. A soft rubbing is best all over area.
Cleaning Home Steps to Follow Stain Removal Methods to Use Walkways
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