Before you begin cleaning it's important to follow basic rules that should save your clothes from damage.

Sort Into Fabric Type: This will be shown on the care label of your garments. Either sort by similar washing instruction or by fibre type (you'll find out more about fibre types by following the links below).
Sort By Colour: It's then time to break your wash down into various colours. The more colours the safer you'll be but these are the minimum you should have....
Light Shades Dark Shades Shades of RED
Check For Stains And Problems: Stains may be set in the wash and once your washing is in the machine it's too late to check. If you have a pen, coins or sweets in a pocket you'll end up with ruined clothes.

Above all if you remember the following you won't go wrong....if in doubt ...... DON'T !

Keep these thoughts in mind while you look at the other topics in this section.  fibres or washing instructions to make sure you're going to do it right.

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