Graffiti Remover

A powerful spray treatment to remove graffiti Graffiti Remover

Removes all types of graffiti From Practically All Surfaces Low odour, no choking fumes, ideal for interior use. The Gel form also helps prevent run off from vertical surfaces. Controlled speed of reaction for greater safety on plastic and painted surfaces. Ozone friendly. Simply Spray on evenly and then leave. Full Power will adhere to the graffiti, breaking it up and allowing easy removal. The gel will not dry out and there is no traditional solvent action. Use For: felt-tip, crayon, ball point, paint, even aerosol paint from glass, melamine, plastic, brick and stone, glazed tiles etc. (not suitable for solvent affected plasticides) Typical Contact Times: Ball point 2-5 minutes Aerosol Paint 5-30 minutes Crayon 10-30 minutes

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