DrClean's Ball Gown & Wedding Dress Cover

Perfect for protecting and transporting your dress DrClean's Ball Gown & Wedding Dress Cover

Our own brand wedding dress / ball gown cover has been designed to solve all the normal carriage and storage problems. What's more, by using a fabric base for the cover it reduces the chance of any oxidisation (the browning that can easily ruin a dress), which means it's much safer than plastic for long term storage. The full length zip makes placing a dress in the cover very simple and to reduce the chance of crushing and creasing your dress there's a full length gusset either side, so it expands all the way down from top to toe. There's a bottom loop to make it easy to fold the dress using the hanger and once folded the cover is held at full width by a sturdy dowel through the centre. Attached to either end of the dowel is an expandable shoulder strap that makes any dress a snip to transport by taxi, public transport, car or plane.

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