Fluoroseal Fabric Protector

A powerful proofing agent for carpets & fabrics Fluoroseal Fabric Protector

The best way to protect any fabric is to water proof it because by water proofing the fibres it will stop anything spilled from getting through by coating the fibres in a protective seal. As a spill hasn't reached the fabric a stain is easier to remove. Fluoroseal Plus is a high quality water proofing treatment that gives any fabric a soil and stain resistant finish, designed specifically for professional carpet and settee cleaners. It gives a durable stain-resistant coating that makes fabrics easier to clean by creating a barrier that helps stop any staining. It is simply applied evenly by spraying and you can now protect all your own furnishings, rain coats, carpets and any other garment at a fraction of the cost of employing a professional to do it for you. 1 x 5lts of Fluoroseal Plus should cover the carpets in a 2 bedroomed house. Coverage appx 50m2 per 5 litres (pH 4.5)

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