Home Heated Vacuum Board

Quality and Time Savings Home Heated Vacuum Board

The added quality you'll get from using a heated vacuum ironing board will be secondary to the time savings. Typically you should halve the time you spend ironing once get used to this phenomenal tool.

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Home Vacuum BoardHVBoard £325.00
Home Vacuum Board Everyone can now save hours on their ironing by using the most useful single tool anyone can get - and at a great price. 70 Watt vacuum 600 Watt heating element Folds away for easy storage castors for easy positioning 0 - 90oc†temperature
Home Board with DrClean IronHVBDRIron £595.00
Home Board with DrClean Iron The perfect combination for easy home ironing and time saving. A DrClean iron with a Home Vacuum Heated board - this will make every ironing day fly by.

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