DrClean Irons with Boilers

Good for Professional or Home Use DrClean Irons with Boilers

Stainless steel boilers and professional irons with controllable steam make these irons a must for small ironing services and discerning home ironers. There are options to suit all requirements and the option to add different ironing boards too.

Inc Tax
DrClean's 1.5ltr BoilerDrIron1.5 295.00
DrClean's 1.5ltr Boiler This is the perfect professional iron for Home use, with up to 2 hours of continuous steam generated and a professional iron to guarantee your best results.
DrClean's 3 ltr IronDrIron3 455.00
DrClean's 3 ltr Iron With up to 3 hours continuous use this is the entry level professional iron. It has a blow down valve that will remove limescale and increase the life of the iron and boiler.
DrClean's 5 ltr IronDrIron5 595.00
DrClean's 5 ltr Iron With more features and more control over the finished ironing this is the standard iron for ironing services. because of the variable steam it can be used as a mobile steamer too. Comes with a mobile stand.

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