Alcohol Rub - Disinfectant Alcohol Rub - Disinfectant Just like hospitals we all need protection sometime. Whether it's from the person not washing his or her hands after the toilet or from someone else's sneezed on hands, the Alcohol rub is you way to protect yourself, your family and your work collegues.
DrClean's Special Products DrClean's Special Products Specially selected, hard to find items, generally only available to professionals or through DrClean.
Garment Care & Protection Garment Care & Protection Everyting you need to safeguard your garments during storage. From removing fluff and bobbles to the best garment covers and hand made boxes you can buy, we have it here.
Hand Made Boxes & Storage Hand Made Boxes & Storage All you need to store you clothes, whether they are precious wedding dresses, ball gowns, hats, shoes or even bulk items, like bedding or your summer wardrobe.
Iron Cleaning & Sundries Iron Cleaning & Sundries Look here for iron cleaning, zipped laundry bags - even iron matts and clips that turn any wire hanger into a skirt hanger.
Irons, Steamers & Presses Irons, Steamers & Presses These are professional or semi-professional solutions to ironing pressing ans steaming. They are perfect for Ironing services, Homes and as a back up for dry cleaners. All of the equipment have been tested in commercial situations over years of continued use.
Leather Cleaning & Conditionning Leather Cleaning & Conditionning Professional cleaning & conditionning for all your leather, including: Chairs Car Seats Suites Jackets Shoes Hand Bags
Machines for Carpet Cleaning Machines for Carpet Cleaning These are professional pieces of kit with proven track records. Use them to rent out or use in your home, office or business.
No-Shrink Guarantee Curtain Cleaning Service No-Shrink Guarantee Curtain Cleaning Service Our curtain cleaning service cleans to the highest possible standards. From taking down and re-hanging the curtains (if you wish) to a "No Shrinkage Guarantee ". We effectively eliminate the chances of: Potential shrinkage or distortion. Damage occurring to material or lining. Significant colour change during the process. Alteration to the way they drape when re-hung. We can't currently take orders through our new shop system, so please use the link below to the correct page.
Odour Treatments Odour Treatments It's normally bacteria that creates nasty niffs, but it can be anything from smoke to pet urine, and you'll find cures for all nasty odours here.
Paint, Wood & Rust Treatments Paint, Wood & Rust Treatments The deck cleaning product we choose will restore and protect your wood to its former glory and the paint additives we have will smooth the paint action and make it stick to almost anything, including glass.
Parts for Hagerty - Puzzi 100 - Carpet Minder Parts for Hagerty - Puzzi 100 - Carpet Minder This list is in alphabetical order it may be easier to find your part from the blown drawings and then click through from there to the exact part you need. You should be able to easily find the part you need for these popular carpet cleaning machines.
Soaps for Carpets & Suites Soaps for Carpets & Suites Using the right, professional, kind of carpet and settee detergent is both more economical and gets better results. Don't take a chance, use proven technologically advanced soaps & detergents.
Soft Top, Plastic Window & Canvas Restorers Soft Top, Plastic Window & Canvas Restorers This group of products cleans restores and protects any of your soft top cars, new or old. You can even restore the plastic windows in cars boats and tents simply and cost effectively.
Solve a Dispute As experts in our field we can help solve disputes with professionals. The ideal will be to settle a dispute before it gets to the "Courts stage. However, we can represent you in court if that becomes necessary. Of course our time isn't free but for a small initial fee we can look at your case, email you our opinions and even write a letter explaining your position. This will often be enough to solve any dispute and our fee should be reclaimable from the professional involved.
Stain Protection & Waterproofing Stain Protection & Waterproofing Often known as Scotch Guarding, waterproofing your carpets & suites can make removing any spills much easier. It therefore makes sense to protect an investment that may be worth thousands of pounds. However, waterproofing also protects your clothing, either from rain or stains - and that includes your leather and suede jackets, coats and shoes. It's reasonably cheap and makes absolute sense to protect your nice clothing.
Stain Treatments Stain Treatments If you want to get rid of a stain this is your starting point. Simply choose the type of stain and you'll be shown a variety of solutions to your problem.
Wedding Dress Cleaning Wedding Dress Cleaning A complete door-to-door service for your most precious dress, This service gives you the best possible stain treatment plus top-to-toe hand finishing. We use UPS to collect from your home or office and keep in contact throughout the cleaning process. Cleaning and finishing is unparralelled but you choose the most appropriate packaging options to suit your circunstances.