Soaps for Carpets & Suites

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Soaps for Carpets & Suites

Using the right, professional, kind of carpet and settee detergent is both more economical and gets better results. Don't take a chance, use proven technologically advanced soaps & detergents.


Carpet Minder Carpet Soap

Concentrated soap for all carpets & suites Carpet Minder Carpet Soap
From 6.49

Carpet Minder Spot Stain Treatment

Super easy stain spotter for carpets & suites Carpet Minder Spot Stain Treatment
From 6.75

Carpet XL

Carpet Cleaning Soap Carpet XL


Dymaprep professional soap for carpets & suites DymaPrep
From 6.75

Fab Clean

Professional Soap for Upholstery Fab Clean

Hagerty Soap

Carpet & Settee Cleaning Soap Hagerty Soap
From 8.25