Stain Protection & Waterproofing

Stain Protection & Waterproofing

Often known as Scotch Guarding, waterproofing your carpets & suites can make removing any spills much easier. It therefore makes sense to protect an investment that may be worth thousands of pounds. However, waterproofing also protects your clothing, either from rain or stains - and that includes your leather and suede jackets, coats and shoes. It's reasonably cheap and makes absolute sense to protect your nice clothing.


Carpet Guard

Water proofer for all fabrics, leather and suedes Carpet Guard

Carpet Guard 5ltr

5 ltrs of the superb Carpet Guard fabric protector Carpet Guard 5ltr

Fluoroseal Fabric Protector

A powerful proofing agent for carpets & fabrics Fluoroseal Fabric Protector

Repel Waterproofing Spray & Zip Lubricant

Silicon waterproofer & lubricant Repel Waterproofing Spray & Zip Lubricant

Scotchguard Protector

For Fabrics Scotchguard Protector
From 7.95