Irons, Steamers & Presses

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Irons, Steamers & Presses

These are professional or semi-professional solutions to ironing pressing ans steaming. They are perfect for Ironing services, Homes and as a back up for dry cleaners. All of the equipment have been tested in commercial situations over years of continued use.


Board Cover - Canton & Pad

Professional Finishing Equipment Board Cover - Canton & Pad

DrClean Irons with Boilers

Good for Professional or Home Use DrClean Irons with Boilers
From 295.00

DrClean's Pro-Iron

A Great iron for home or ironing service use. DrClean's Pro-Iron
From 295.00

Heated - Vacuum Ironing Board

The most effective help when ironing you can have Heated - Vacuum Ironing Board
From 649.00

Home Heated Vacuum Board

Quality and Time Savings Home Heated Vacuum Board
From 325.00

Household Steamer

Very mobile steamer for shop or home use. Household Steamer