Garment Care & Protection

Garment Care & Protection

Everyting you need to safeguard your garments during storage. From removing fluff and bobbles to the best garment covers and hand made boxes you can buy, we have it here.


Fuzz-Go - Bobble remover

The ideal bobble remover Fuzz-Go - Bobble remover

Fuzz-Go Profesional

A fullbox of 10 Fuzz-Go's Fuzz-Go Profesional

Hanging Sachets (Colibri)

All natural moth repellants Hanging Sachets (Colibri)
From 11.75

Mens Suit Covers

Zipped suit covers for everyday use Mens Suit Covers

Moth Repellants - Boxes (Colibri)

9 small sachets of effective moth repellant Moth Repellants - Boxes (Colibri)
From 14.95

Roll Clean Professional Handle

A sturdy handle for any Roll Clean Roll Clean Professional Handle