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Plain Cover
£6.75 + p&p

Suit Cover & 
Expanding Hanger
£9.75 + p&p

Suit Cover, Expanding Hanger 
& Hanging Moth Repellant
£13.95 + p&p

's Wedding Dress / Ball Gown Cover
Special Offer:- Get a Wedding Cover and Suit Cover for only £16.00
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With Easy-Carry Strap & Full Width Support: - One thing you discover pretty quickly is how difficult it can be to transport and store a wedding dress or ball gown. Don't fret though, DrClean has found a perfect solution.

Our own brand wedding dress / ball gown cover has been designed to solve all the normal carriage and storage problems. What's more, by using a fabric base for the cover it reduces the chance of any oxidisation (the browning that can easily ruin a dress), which means it's much safer than plastic for long term storage.

The full length zip makes placing a dress in the cover very simple and to reduce the chance of crushing and creasing your dress there's a full length gusset either side, so it expands all the way down from top to toe.

There's a bottom loop to make it easy to fold the dress using the hanger and once folded the cover is held at full width by a sturdy dowel through the centre.

Attached to either end of the dowel is an expandable shoulder strap that makes any dress a snip to transport by taxi, public transport, car or plane.

The Dowelled Bar Makes it Simple to Fold and Carry and The strap makes a dress easy to transport.

Get a Wedding cover and suit cover for only 16.00

Even Full Skirted Wedding Dresses Fit  with ease.

Full Length Zip for Easy Entry. Label Compartment for Easy Identification.  Even wedding dresses are simple to fit Gussets either side from top-to-toe to lessen the likelihood of creasing. At fully 72"  Floor length & longer ball gowns fit in without having to fold the dress.


DrClean's Wedding Dress / Ball Gown Cover Combinations:

Wedding Dress / Ball Gown Cover
12.85 + p&p

Wedding Dress / Ball Gown Cover + Expanding Hanger
15.95 + p&p

Same Cover + Expanding Hanger + Natural Moth Repellant
19.95 + p&p

Travel Casual - Arrive Fresh

's Own Brand Suit Cover

Full Zip Inside + Double Zip Closure 

and Separate Zipped Shirt or shoe Compartment

When we source our own brand goods we aim to bring you the best, fully featured items we possibly can. That's doubly true of this amazingly useful suit cover.

It starts as a normal suit cover with fabric interior to let your suits breathe and full length zip to make it easy to put your suits in and has a  hanger outlet that's steel rimmed making it hard to snag or rip.

The outer is water proof and closes using a double zipper, so once it's closed you have a splash proof, purpose built carrier to get your suits to your destination in perfect condition. You carry the cover using 2 comfortable webbing handles that have been securely machined in.

To make sure your shirts, ties or shoes arrive in best condition there's also a separate zipped compartment on the outside.

Perfect for business travel, an overnight stay or to take that special suit for a special day.