Complete Professional Spotting Kit £79.95 + p&p


This is a professional spotting kit is, uniquely on offer to clients and will help you successfully remove stains from all kinds of fabric. clothes, carpets and suites in your own home.

Professionals have special tools to get the right results the easiest way and now you can have these same tools to help you. But that's not all - we've included a comprehensive instruction booklet on stain removal and that tells you what to use and gives tips on the right way to remove stains. We then also provide the chemicals that will help you remove most household stains from fabrics.

Most professional dry cleaners find it difficult to remove all the stains this kit will help you with and all the chemicals and tools are contained in a neat snap-lock box so you can keep all the tools and reagents neatly together.

So What's in the Box ?

Instruction Booklet
This complete booklet on stain removal comprehensively takes you through stains fin an alphabetical list rom Acids to Zinc and step-by-step tells you how they can best be removed. It also explains the correct professional techniques to use. showing you how to successfully remove stains.
Spatula (spotting bone)
This is a professional spotting bone with rounded edges to help remove stains stuck onto the fibres. The aim is to use the round edges or rear end of the bone, not the point, to break up a stain so it can be flushed away.
Professional Spotting Brush
This professional spotting brush helps to remove stains by allowing the correct tamping action required in removing many types of stain. It's wooden, with soft dense bristles and it's ideal shape means you don't have to use any force when using it to break up the particles in a stain.
Bottles With Droppers (1 Large & 1 Small)
They may not look it but these are probably the most important tools you can use in stain removal. You can mix or dilute reagents in a bottle and then use the dropper to add a small amount of chemical to a stain. This ensures you get the minimum spread of chemical over the fabric and that means both less work in flushing it out and less chance of damage. It's also much more cost efficient.
Fuzz-Go Pill Remover
This old remedy for removing the pills, neps or fuzz-balls (same thing in three different words) that you often see on knitwear and other fabrics, is the best and most effective cure that we've found. It's a charcoal block full of holes and as it's dragged softly over an affected area it cuts away the threads holding the fuzz-ball to the fabric. Brush or roll off the loose balls and you'll have Fuzz-Free clothing. Although little particles of the Fuzz-go break off as it removes the pills it will last for years and probably be the best fuzz remover you've ever used.
Roll Clean
Often known as a lint or fluff remover the roll clean has an adhesive surface which you roll over a fabric to easily remove pet hairs, fluff and dust. When a section loses its adhesion simply peel away one layer to reveal a fresh surface underneath. Once used you can replace the whole roll with a refill for years of fluff removal.

2 x Absorbent Cloths & 2 x Gauze Cloths
Gauze cloths are ideal to put under fabric when spraying water through to flush a stain or reagents. Absorbent cloths can then be used to dry the area before further treatment.

Spray Bottle
Some form of spray is very important when removing stains from any fabric. This one will enable you to spray directly through the fabric without putting too much pressure on the fibres and direct a narrow band of water so you get the minimum amount of cloth wet. Placing a gauze cloth underneath allows the stream to move away from the fabric without bouncing back and again making it too wet. 

10 x Latex Gloves
Protecting your hands from the any potential harmful reaction to chemicals is always best practice. These light latex gloves are thin enough to leave let your hands still feel the fabric but give the protection you need.

Reagents (Chemicals)

Acetic Acid

1 part acid to 3 part water


1 part ammonia to 4 parts water

Hydrogen Peroxide

1 part Peroxide to 3 parts water


1 part glycerin to 3 parts water



White Spirit


Methylated Spirit