Why pay a fortune for what can be a basic and easy stain to remove when all you may need are effective stain treatments and instructions on how to use them. 

Get the right treatment and save money.

This simple to use kit is a must for anyone with children or pets..

Only  £ 22.50 + p&p

What's in the Kit
Blood & Protein Remover 250 ml Difficult stains that need specific treatment to remove properly. Good for Blood, Egg, Gravy and Beer.
Grease Gum & Tar 250 ml A spotter to remove solvent based stains
Urine Remover & Deodoriser 250 ml What it says + drink stains. Also Good for WINE both Red & white.
Neutral Spot Remover 250 ml To remove normal spills of drink and food.

Comes complete with nozzle applicators and easy-to-use quick reference guide.