The Battle of the Lint Rollers!! Here's a video challenge between the Roll Clean 20m and the Caraselle 20m.

Lint Rollers & Roll Clean 20 Meter Refills and Handles

A 20 meter length of stickiness that's sturdier and (for some reason) more effective than 3 or 5 meter lengths. It will last for ages and you simply tear off a section to expose a brand new section of stick.

We also supply a professional handle for any sized refill. Used by dry cleaners, clothing manufacturers and anyone regularly handling fabrics. They are easy to use, add to the effectiveness of the Roll Clean and should last for years.

Click the left picture for Refill Options and the Right picture to get a Free Professional Handle

Roll Clean + Handle options

Roll Clean with Handle


Refill £8.95+p&p Handle £6.25+p&p 
Handle with Refill £14.00
4 x 20m Roll Cleans with Free Handle Only £35.80
Roll cleans have always been one of the most popular items on the DrClean web site. We will continue to stock these for those who would use no other make.
20m Caraselle Lint Rollers
Caraselle Rollers 20m

We always try to proivide professional solutions at the lowest possible cost and with a huge increase in the price of the Roll Clean Refill we scoured through our resorces to find the best possible altrernative. We've done even better than we had hoped and now offer the Caraselle Lint Roller, which we will stock in the 20m and 7.5m versions.

We've struck a good deal for you and can supply these at the same price as the old Roll cleans - And that's before the VAT price increase.

So you get 20m of just as sticky a lint remover at only £6.00.

As the handle is configured differently we'll sell these individualy and do 4 Refills including 1 hhandle for only £24.00.

Caraselle 20m
20m Caraselle

So - Are these just as good?

Well, we wouldn't supply them if we thought there was any significant difference between the two. We think they're just as adhesive and in case you don't believe us her's proof, a picture showing the Caraselle roller lifting another 20m refill weighing 225 gms.

And if that weren't enough, they have an edge that's not adhesive, so you don't have to search for the end when you want to tear off a strip.

Roller edge
Prices are:

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all + p&p
  20m Caraselle Refill £ 6.00
  20m Complete £ 6.75
  4 x 20m Refills (Including 1 FREE handle) £24.00


Product Videos

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Protection for 
Leather & Suede
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Removing Lilly Pollen
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Take 7.5m of stickiness in place of 5m -- and for less money
7.5m Roller

If you find a replacement you may as well make it a good one - and we've found a replacement for the 5m Roll Clean that offers even more than the original.Not only is it 1 1/2 times as long but it comes with a plastic cover, so it won't attach itself to anything while in a drawer. It also has the same non adhesive edge as the 20m roller, so it's easy to find the edge when you want to tear off a strip.

That's not even the best thing, we're actually cheaper than Caraselle themselves with this refill, making us the best value on the market.

These handles won't fit the Roll Rlean so we're doing a special multi-purchase with a free handle - See below.

Prices are: Click a picture to go to our shop all + p&p
  7.5m Caraselle Refill £ 2.85
  7.5m Complete £ 4.25
  4 x 7.5m Refills (Including 1 FREE handle) £11.40

5 Meter Complete Roll Cleans + Refills

At last you can get the great stick of the professional Roll Clean but in a 5 meter length. We offer both refills and complete Roll leans with handles, which can save you money and will give you great results.

What's more, it's even easier to use than the professional version as the handle contains a serrated edge making it simple to cut away a used portion and to reveal a brand new sticky surface.

 only £5.50 + p&p


only £4.95 + p&p


Safe Skirt Clips
Turn any Wire Hanger into a Good Skirt Hanger

These amazing and simple skirt clips turns any wire hanger into a good skirt hanger.

Unlike the normal metal clips from dry cleaners these plastic ones don't dig into your skirts or trousers you want to hang long. They simply Press to hold the garment and lock into place. 

They are re-useable and are even useful as pegs to hang garments from a washing line.

Only £5.00 Per Pack of 30 + p&p


Fuzz-Go Natural Pill & Nep Remover (Bobbles to you & me) 

Fuzz-Go's have always been one of the most popular items on the DrClean web site, available in our Grooming Kit.
This is an old remedy for removing fuzz-balls, the nasty bobbles  that you often see on knitwear and other fabrics, and is the best and most effective cure that we've ever used. Dragged lightly over a bobbled area it cuts away the fuzz-balls. 

Simply roll off the loose balls with the Roll Clean and you'll have Fuzz-Free clothing. It last for years and be the best and simplest fuzz remover you've ever used.

Fuzz-Go Bobble Remover £5.50 + p&p

Are you a professional user? Then we have a professional option of 11 Fuzz-Go's in one box at only £55 + p&p just for you.