All of these items are intended for continuous use and have proven track records of reliability.

  Steam Presses for Home Use 
Workshop 2
a view of the workshops at the factory
Deluxe Press
Deluxe Press

Open Press


The deluxe press with steam and a sleeve board is perfect for any home ironing situation. You can press anything from nylon to wool using the pre-programmed settingsof nylon, wool, silk, cotton and linen (below).

Comes complete with stand that you can easily sit at, including a working shelf.

Price ONLY £199 complete


Premium Press    

The Premium press is larger than the Deluxe Press so is suitable for those with a higher workload.

Built to the same high standard it comes with a stand (for ease of use shown above) and is programmed for nylon, wool, silk, cotton and linen so you get the best results with the minimum of effort.

On the left you can see how easy the press is to fill with water (the same as the Deluxe press above), making it the perfect steam or pressure press for all your pressing requirements.

Complete with stand for ONLY £299 buy here

Controlls1 both these presses have the same control board with easy-to-use preogrammes for all the presses functions. Controlls2

The Steam-Easy

This easy to use electric steamer with integral boiler is ideal for homes, clothes shops, dry cleaning outlets and curtain cleaners and loose fabric fitters. It's completely self contained and even comes with a hanger stand so you can hang garments easily while they are being steamed.

The steam head circles freely, the steam controller is set in the handle and when the water reservoir is empty the power cuts off and an alarm sounds.

Only £282.50 + p&p



Spare parts are available for all these products.