Protecting all your carpets, suites and leathers - items like jackets, shoes and hand bags - by treating them  with a surface protector is sensible, will save you money and prolong the life of your possessions.

At DrClean we stock the most popular fabric and leather protectors available, from easy-to-use sprays right up to professional treatments. Take a look at our selection, one of these will be just right for what you want to do.

Feel free to take a look at these demonstrations of hoe effective the products can be:

Removing Pollen Repel Scotch

A demonstration of
Water Proofing Leather
High Speed
Dial Up Connection

How to protect a
chair or suite by 
water proofing
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Testing Leather for
Colour & 
Surface Affects
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Removing Lilly Pollen
from a Suede Jacket
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Repel v's Scotchguard
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Just spray to resist rain and help prevent spills from becoming stains

We now stock the most popular branded stain protector on the market- and are now offering a special 3 FOR 2 on this great stain protector - so you can choose to have a 400ml Scotchguard spray or  500ml Repel - at the same great price or get 3 Scotchguards for the price of 2..
  • Scotchguard™ Protector forms an invisible barrier which resists and protects your fabrics from water based, non greasy, liquids such as rain, wine, coffee, etc. which can cause stains.
  • Does not change the look, feel or breathability of fabrics.
  • Ideal for clothes and soft furnishings.
  • One can should be sufficient for at least 3 jackets.

£7.95 +p&p 400ml per can BN

Special Offer:-  Buy One Get 1 Half Price   Pay only £11:90 for 2   while stocks last
See the head-to-head battle between Repel and Scotchguard sprays Here

Carpet Guard - Fabric & Leather Protector

Water based fabric protectors are the simplest to use and are often the most effective. So we're very pleased to add Carpet Guard fabric protector to our product range.

This water based fabric protector is extremely simple to use. It comes in a handy 750ml container that doubles as a sprayer and is used neat, so there'sno need to empty it out. measure the amount, mix it with another measured amount of water and then put it back in a spray bottle.

Once sprayed and dried it creates a protective shield over any fabric that most water based spills simply run off. there's no need to do anything else, simply spray, dry and protect.

Carpet Guard is perfect for protecting against spills of
Wine, Beer, Gravy, Milk, Ice Cream and even Baby Food and Curry. 

See a demo of how good the results are on leather by clicking the picture to the right.

Only £11.30 + p&p BN

Use on any:- Carpets - Suites - Leathers - Rain Coats

Repel Waterproofing Spray ... but it's also...

Eezip Zip Lubricant

2 Products for the Price of 1
Its not often that one product has more than 1 useful application but this spray is one of those rare exceptions.
Repel is used as a waterproofing agent for any fabric or suede. From raincoats to ties and even sued jackets and shoes you simply hold the can about 8 inches from the surface and spray an even application. Let the spray dry and you have a waterproof surface that's shower resistant. Its second use is as a spray lubricant for almost any application. Professional dry cleaners often use this to ease stuck zips (metal or nylon), but it can be used on hinges, locks, drawers and curtain rails with equal ease.

only £10.25 +p&p

Fluoroseal Plus Fabric Protector

Stain-Guard and Scotch Guard are examples of brand names and treatments that protect any fabric by water proofing them. They all therefore do the same job and by water proofing the fibres they aim to stop anything spilled from getting through by coating them in a protective seal. 

Because the spill hasn't actually got through to the fabric it's easier to remove.

Fluoroseal Plus is a high quality water proofing treatment that gives any fabric a soil and stain resistant finish, designed specifically for professional carpet and settee cleaners. It gives a durable stain-resistant coating that makes fabrics easier to clean by creating a barrier that helps stop any staining.

It is simply applied evenly by spraying and you can now protect all your own furnishings, rain coats, carpets and any other garment at a fraction of the cost of employing a professional to do it for you.

1 x 5lts of Fluoroseal Plus should cover the carpets in a 2 bedroomed house.

Coverage appx 50m2 per 5 litres (pH 4.5)