The All-Natural Moth Repellent
No Harmful Artificial Chemicals

Colibri sachets can be hang or placed in wardrobes, closets, storage lockers, garment covers or even to simply placed on shelves.  They're really that simple to use.

They only contain natural botanical essences from vetiver, lavender, peppermint, geranium, clove, neem amongst others, all wrapped in a fine sandalwood powder base. They contain no animal elements, toxic ingredients or chemical repellents and they have not been tested on animals.

This natural moth repellent also has a pleasant fragrance that has proven very effective in removing tobacco and mildew odours.

1 Hanging + 1 Box - Pot-Pouri Odour

Now there's the new P6 Colibri mini-sachets, which are even easier to use. With 6 individual sachets on a strip it's simple to just remove one and pop it in a drawer, storage area or wardrobe and the natural moth repellant immediately starts protecting your clothes.

Once again these sachets come in both Pot Pouri and Lavender fragrances.

3 x Hanging Sachets £11.75 

3 x Box Sachets (3 in each box) £14.95
2 Hanging + 2 Box Sachets £16.95

2 Sets of 6 Mini Sachets on a Strip

2 Strips - Pot Pouri Odour All + p&p Hanging - Sachet Lavender