Removing New & Old Blood Stains

Here's a video demonstration of us removing a blood stain with our Cleaner BL
New Blood Stain

From search engines we know that one thing people need is a good and reliable way to remove Blood stains. The solution will depend on how long the stain has been there, so we have 2 blood treatments that really work and that are normally only available to professional cleaners.

Cleaner BL (left) is used for recent stains and flushes through using cold water, here's how; 

Before Washing: Add the Cleaner BL to a blood spot then work into the stain with the reverse end of a spoon or spatula (available in the Starter Kit from DrClean) lightly pressing and working towards the centre of the stain. As the blood becomes liquid again add some more Cleaner BL, work this in and then wash in a cool wash cycle.

Without Washing: Use the same method as if you're washing but flush the treatment out using cold water - using a hand or pump sprayer helps and repeat if necessary.

The rust remover (right) is used on old stains as the structure of the stain will have changed over time. Here's how;

Apply the Rust Remover directly to a blood spot and then allow several minutes for the treatment to work into the stain before agitating it gently using a brush or scraper. Flush and blot or extract the treatment thoroughly adding clear cold water and repeat if the stain isn't completely removedy.

Both of these are professional stain treatments and both are proven over many years, so getting a professional solution is simple.

Old Blood Stain
Rust Treatment
£9.50 500ml
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£11.29 1ltr
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