DrClean.co.uk is perhaps the busiest independent web site aimed at giving free advice to the public on cleaning all types of fabric. We now also have a good clientele for deck and general surface cleaning, wedding dress and curtain cleaning and all types of protection for clothing, including waterproofing, covers and hand made decorative boxes. In addition we receive requests for help from around the globe on almost every topic of cleaning, finishing and fabric and surface protection.

To improve our visitors experiences we are now prepared to add relevant advertising on products and services that we consider would enhance our offer and prove even more helpful to the public. DrClean allows advertisers to build in to any advertising campaign functionality that can target very specific markets, by carefully selecting the pages your advertisement appears on, or broadening your approach to include whole sections of the cleaning public. 

We have a very loyal readership and wish to reward our clientele by ensuring high standards from the advertisers who promote products or services on DrClean. Both we and you need the public to be assured of our continuing high standards and for that reason we insist on testing all products advertised and will require services to accept our stringent standards plus our arbitration in the case of any mishap. 
The number of visits we achieve have been generated purely due to the content of the site, so it's secure, increasing and not dependent on advertising. What's perhaps more important is that our visitors trust us to give them the right advice. Here's a flavour of our recent activity:
Recent Weekly Usage  May 6th,  May 13th,  May 20th,  May 27th,  Jun 3rd,  Jun 10th,
Page Views 6,604 6,041 5,989 6,381 6,748 6,833
Time Spent Per Visit 01:45 01:19 01:56 01:24 01:28 01:41
Hits 94,153 87,804 83,203 88,593 90,297 92,839
Bandwidth 1.13 GB 1.11 GB 1.02 GB 1.08 GB 1.05 GB 1.07 GB
We offer 2 types of marketing opportunity for your business:
  • Floating Positioning
    These can appear anywhere on any page, with the cost being dependent on the page and position of the promotion. Your choice might be to be on the main default page of the site, the busiest and consequently highest ranked page,  or you might prefer to be more selective and advertise on the Wedding Dress Cleaning or Deck Cleaning pages to target your specific clientele.
  • Right Bar Position
    On most pages we have a right bar indicating retail offers that might be of interest to viewers who have chosen to view a particular section. You may wish a promotion to appear on every page in a particular section, such as Stains or General Cleaning, so that your message has maximum chance of success.
Floating Position (60h x 300w)
Page Price - From
Default Main £60 pcm
Start of Section £45 pcm
Specific Choice £30 pcm

Right Bar Positioning (160h x 130w)
Page Price - From
Default Main £60 pcm
Stains Bar £50 pcm
Ironing Bar £50 pcm
Cleaning Bar £50 pcm

Contracts will be for an initial period of 3 months payable in advance, for subsequent contracts month-to-month contracts can be arranged payable by Direct Debit or Credit Card by agreement.
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