Curtain Cleaning Service

You probably have thousands of pounds invested in your curtains, and need extra special care taken of them when you have them cleaned, but how do you find that guaranteed service that will ensure they come back to you in as good a condition as they are today?

DrClean's curtain cleaning service will clean curtains to the highest possible standards. From specialists to take down and re-hang the curtains (if you wish) and a " No Shrinkage Guarantee ". We effectively eliminate the chances of:

  1. Potential shrinkage or distortion.

  2. Damage occurring to material or lining.

  3. Stains incorrectly treated or not treated at all.

  4. Significant colour change during the process.

  5. Alteration to the way they drape when re-hung.

  6. Being left to take down and re-hang heavy sets of curtains.

All of these are reasonable concerns and often lead to curtains hanging and collecting dirt for many years before being cleaned. Unfortunately, that's not good for the curtains because dirt not only becomes more difficult to remove with age but it can also undermine the basis of a fabric - leading to damage.

  Only a very small number of cleaners in the country are able to take down, clean, finish and then re-hang your curtains with the care and skill necessary to give you the best possible results. 
  This is what the full service offers:
1 Full Take-Down at your Home or Office.
2 Careful assessment of the curtains and what needs to be done.
3 Treat any stain correctly and carefully
4 Put the curtains through a suitably delicate process.
5 Check for any remaining stains and repeat if necessary.
6 Finish the curtains ensuring:
  The buckram (stiffening at the top) is aligned correctly.
  Pinch pleats look and hang corectly.
  Any pencil pleats or rufflettes are spaced evenly.
  All stitching is solid.
  Linings and inter-linings are correctly aligned.
They are the same length as when they were taken down.
Swags and tails hang correctly.
7 The curtains are returned and re-hung clean, crisp and looking good.
We are starting the service within the M25 area so to find out more and price the service please click the "Next" button.
  Please note that this is the only section not currently included in our new shop. That's really because we are working out how to calculate the price of various sets of curtains correctly under that new system. The current system is accurate so will remain until we solve the calculation problem.

This does mean that registering for curtain cleaning doesn't register you under our new shop system, which you would have to do separately, for which we apologise.



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