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Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtains come in many styles and materials and we need to get a precise description before we can  quote an accurate price for cleaning them. So here we help you identify and measure your curtains.

If you're unsure on any description, such as "Lined Velour", simply click the underlined link and a comprehensive description will appear in a separate window. Click as many of these descriptions as you need and once you're sure of the type and style of your curtains simply select the appropriate choice. 

We record one full set of your curtains at a time. These are simply a set of the same lining type and style and that have the same measurements. If you have more curtains of differing styles, materials or sizes please indicate that by selecting "YES" in the section asking if you have more curtains. You'll be asked to add all your curtains before a price is calculated and this will give the prices of all your curtains individually and also give a grand total.
Type of Lining Curtain Style
There are 4 types of lining likely to be found on cutrains. For a description of each just click the name. After you know what your is please click the correct option on the right. Curtain style refers to the look of the curtain and  tells us how they have to be handled. If you are unsure what option you shold be choosing simply click on the description and an explanation page will open.

You must make a selection for both the type of lining and the curtain style for every curtain you add, otherwise you will be broght directly back to this page.


Curtain Measurements


Measuring curtains isn't particularly difficult but it must be done accurately, otherwise we will get the price wrong. To check if you're measuring correctly click "Measuring Curtains" below and an explanation will pop up.

  Adornments & Features  

Additions can be anything extra to the basic curtains. From tie backs to full swags and tails each addition has to be treated professionally and correctly. Simply click a name at the top of a column and a description of that feature will pop up. 


All curtains the same size and style should be done at the same time. If you have more curtains of a different style or lining type please select "More Curtains to Add" at the bottom of this form.


Measuring Curtains

Pelmets or Swags Pelmet Tie Backs  Swags & Tails
Number this size




If you have swags & tails please add the measurements in the pelmets section and the number of swags in the swags section.
Do you have more curtains to add?
You need to be registered with DrClean to calculate the price of the curtains. This is simply because we have to add to a database to calculate the price and then retain the information in case you have more curtains. If you aren't registered leave the form below blank and a form will appear. Otherwise fill in your email and password and we'll get the right price for your curtains.


(leave blank if not registered)