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Below you'll find some special products available from the DrClean shop that have all been tested for effectiveness and ease of use.
Stain Treatments
Tea, Wine, Glue, Rust, Beer, Egg, Vomit, Ink, Tar,
Juices + Many More
Paint & Rust Treatments
All added to ordinary paint
Fuzz-Go The best bobble remover in the world?

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

Wedding Dress, 
Suit Covers
Irons & Boards
Professional Iron
s, Boards & steamers 
Odour Treatments
All odours including Pet Urine
Waterproofing Sprays for Rain Coats, Suede : Jackets, Shoes, Handbags 
Chair Covers etc.

EZ-Off Iron Cleaning Cream Easy to use while the iron is hot and very effective.


Scotch Guard

water repellant spray -  to protect all your Suites, Raincoats, Shoes, Bags & Carpets
20m Lint Rollers
Get Rid of Fluff - Lint & Bobbles 
Press Home Presses
Steam presses for home use
Machine Spares for: Hagerty Puzzi 100 & Carpet Minder
Leather Cleaning
for all Your Suites Jackets & Clothing
Hagerty Blue
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....... get a FREE Machine
(with free stand and hard floor adaptor)
Hagerty Blue
Stink Free Sports Gear

Remove all nasty smells from shoes, socks, shirts and even bags.

With Money Back Satisfaction GUARANTEE

Stinf Free
Cogs Enviro-Friendly Degreaser
Get grease of anything and take care of the planet
Stain Removal Kit - for Blood, Egg,, Wine, Beer & more
Deck & Wood Cleaning
Clean and protect all your exterior wood.
Graffiti Remover
A gel that sticks to graffiti then removes it with water
Hajo Clips Hajo Clips
Simple skirt clips with no points or pins that can damage the fabric
Soaps for Carpets & Suites
Professionals soaps for all carpet & suite 

DrClean's Lilly Pollen Remover Lilly
Grooming Kit
Removes bobbles, hair & lint 
New Home
Heated Vacuum Ironing Board
Home Board Only £297.50

Curtain Cleaning Service
Full service with a NO SHRINKAGE GUARANTEE

Wedding Dress Cleaning by DrClean
Hand Made Wedding Dress, Shoe & Hat Boxes
All Natural Moth Repellants


Specials on DrClean
How Should You Treat Delicate Fabrics?

w/e 14/01/19

How professional cleaners deal with delicate fabrics is not only an indication of their skill level but also their knowledge about cleaning and stain removal. If you are asked for owners risk on a well labeled garment that has no stains, adornments or other problem that can be clearly, easily and logically identified, then they probably aren't a cleaner you should have a great deal of confidence in.

However, if a garment is washable and you want to clean it yourself then follow these basic rules and you will protecting your clothes as best you can.

Most importantly, always follow the instructions on the care label as this ensures you protect yourself against faulty workmanship or bad labeling. If you have a suspicion that the label is wrong then you can contact the quality control (QC) department of the retail outlet you bought it from and tell them your concerns. QC departments are often very helpful and approachable, after all you're a customer who's spent money in their shop and they don't want to have any problem garments.

For Stains
Don't ever dig or scratch the surface of the fabric, as this is very likely to damage the fibres and if you do that you'll have a mark left after you remove a stain. When treating the stained area make sure you lubricate it with something like glycerin as well as the stain treatment and then tamp the area with a soft brush (explanation in the stain section) - don't rub it.

In the Wash
Place the garment in a net bag, preferably made for the purpose with a zip closure or even a pillow case, ensuring the garment can't come out by closing it with safety pins. Use a delicate program that gives a high level of water in the cage and low agitation. Put as many similarly coloured garments in the load as you can to limit the movement of the load while it washes, as this forces the machine to use a delicate action. Remove the clothes as soon after the cycle finishes as you can. It isn't advisable to put the garment in the wash on it's own unless it fills the machines cage.

Follow the instructions on heat settings, often delicate fabrics are thermoplastic, meaning they melt when heated too highly. Place the garment in the exact position you want to iron it before you put the iron on. Move the iron in one direction at a time and then lift the iron and move it to another position. If the garment slips on the board then hold it's top with one hand and iron away from your hand using a single motion and even pressure.

Common sense will help in any cleaning and always remember "If in doubt - Don't".

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